how to buy my books

Under My Skin and Flesh & Blood are stories by queer indie writer A E Dooland (me!) which feature non-binary transgender character Min Lee.

Solve for i is a spin-off set in the Under My Skin-verse centering around Gemma, one of Min’s friends. Maths wiz Gemma Rowe has found the one problem her maths can’t solve: she’s fallen for her female & very heterosexual best friend.

For more info about the individual stories including blurbs and promo art, click here for Under My Skin , here for Flesh & Blood, and here for Solve for i.

To download samples and purchase these books:

Under My Skin: 

eBook: [Amazon | Smashwords]

Paperback: [Amazon | CreateSpace]

Flesh & Blood:

eBook: [Amazon | Smashwords]

Paperback: [Amazon | CreateSpace]

Solve for i:

eBook: [Amazon | Smashwords]

Paperback: [CreateSpace | Amazon]

…and heaps of other stores like iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc!

Sound interesting? Buy my books! Help me finance writing more big queer books for you! 😀

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Rather than launching my Patreon or another Kickstarter just yet (got to be sure I’m reading to dive head-first into writing another book again before I do those!) I have another option for people who’d like to support me: I joined Ko-fi!

Ko-fi is great: you can tip someone $3 (or more) as a show of support without breaking the bank. You can click the button on the sidebar to check out my Ko-fi page, or just follow this link! 🙂