#2 Flesh & Blood


flesh & blood final cropped

Flesh & Blood

Sequel to Under My Skin (spoilers below!)

To anyone else, being unemployed in your mid-20s, living in your ex co-worker’s house and dating a schoolgirl who’s flunking all her classes might not seem ideal. But to Min Lee, it’s the perfect fresh start. A chance to do-over her life and reinvent herself as the man she was always supposed to be… if she’s actually supposed to be a man, that is. Min still has lots of unanswered questions about her gender, but none of them can stop her from looking forward to her bright future as a boyfriend, student and artist.

There’s just one thing that can: her conservative mother in South Korea doesn’t know about any of it, and is sick of waiting for her ‘daughter’ to get married.

With the looming threat of her mother finding out, Min would rather focus on living her brand new life and supporting her girlfriend and friends through their family dramas than deal with her own. But the clock is ticking on her big secret, and one thing is for sure: she can’t keep her meddling mother in the dark forever.

Flesh & Blood’ picks up where the previous book ‘Under My Skin’ left off, and examines the obstacle of family in the journey to living authentically.

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Here are some more options if you don’t do Kindle. Preview the first few chapters on these sites for free, too. If you have difficult personal circumstances that are going to prevent you from being able to afford a copy of the book, please shoot me an email. There may be other options available to you so you can continue/finish or have access to the story.

If you like the title art, you can find more from the artist Yue Li here.

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Chapter One  + Art!

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five + Art!

Chapter Six

(and Art from Chapter Sixteen)

Short stories set after the novel can be found here.

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