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Under My Skin and Flesh & Blood are stories by queer indie writer A E Dooland (me!) which feature non-binary transgender character Min Lee.

Solve for i is a spin-off set in the Under My Skin-verse centering around Gemma, one of Min’s friends. Maths wiz Gemma Rowe has found the one problem her maths can’t solve: she’s fallen for her female & very heterosexual best friend.

For more info about the individual stories including blurbs and promo art, click here for Under My Skin , here for Flesh & Blood, and here for Solve for i.

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Solve for i:

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How do I buy Under My Skin?

In eBook format:

[Amazon] or [Smashwords]. You can also buy it by searching ‘Under My Skin’ in iTunes, Kobo and Overdrive.

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Under My Skin – Buy It Now!


Min Lee is a workaholic who can’t say no. She substitutes sleep with Red Bull and, through a combination of repression and bad habits, has managed to score herself a luxury apartment, a fabulous boyfriend and the approval of her billionaire CEO. Things are looking pretty awesome… well, apart from those body image issues that constantly plague her.
But Min thinks she’s got everything worked out. She’s arranged her comfort zone and has zero desire to look outside of it… or, so she tells herself.
It’s not until a troubled schoolgirl tracks her down from the Internet, stalks her to her home and noses her way into life that Min begins to admit that something is wrong in her perfect world. Something that she’s never thought about before, and doesn’t even want to think about. Something that has the power to ruin all her relationships and dismantle everything in her life she’s worked so very hard for.
What if ‘she’ isn’t the right word for Min at all?

Under My Skin is a story exploring one person’s struggle with their gender, their sexuality and their battle to break from from expectation and live authentically.