Stories in the UMS-verse

Set After Under My Skin

Peak Hour – Min (POV) /Bree – NSFW

Min tells us about a fantasy she has involving a packed peak-hour train.

Therapy – Min/Bree (POV) – NSFW

Bree tells us about a fantasy she has involving Min’s hard-packer.

Free Pass – Lara / Min / Bree (POV) – NSFW

A reward from the Kickstarter, set after The Dreamingfeaturing Lara Croft as well as Min & Bree.

Going Down? – Henry (POV), Sean – SFW

A speed prompt (written in less than an hour) about Sean tormenting Henry.

Set After Flesh & Blood

The Fourth Wall – Min (POV), Gemma – SFW

The Author tries to get Min and Gemma to hook up.

Dear Future Husband – Min (POV)/Bree – SFW

Bree refuses to let Min mope over what happened in Flesh & Blood.

Spectators – Min (POV)/Bree – SFW

It’s difficult when everyone else in the whole world seems to be part of something that you’re not.

My Story Isn’t Over Yet – Min (POV)/Bree – TRIGGER: SUICIDAL IDEATION

Min struggles with the fact she feels Sean hasn’t been dealt justice over what her did to her.