Original Short Stories

Short Stories Set in the Under My Skin-verse

Dragonslayer – F/F – NSFW

Chapter One – NSFW | Chapter Two – SFW | Chapter Three – SFW | Chapter Four – SFW 

Dane is a knight who makes a career out of rescuing pretty maidens from dragons, the Patroness is a pretty maiden who lives with dragons and doesn’t want to be saved. What happens when Dane arrives to rescue her?

Beneath the Surface – (mostly) SFW F/F

Made to walk the plank by her fellow crew at the whim of a petty captain, Elizabeth faces her own death.

A Story of Creation – F/F, F/F/M – NSFW

Deepwood elves Eleni and Therese visit the annual fertility festival to choose fathers for their child-to-be.

Rubble – SFW

For all the asylum seekers on a torturous journey to Australia: this is how it should have been for you.

Voices – SFW

Sometimes I like to mess around and write short little teaser intros for stories I will probably never write. This is one of them. [TRIGGER WARNING]

Love & Honour – SFW

Chapter One | Chapter Two

Tessie has been waiting seven months to be rescued by a knight, and is looking forward to the part where she is ravished by her saviour. What happens if her good Sir Knight isn’t interested in ravishing her lady at all? A short series exploring the difference between ‘asexual’ and ‘aromantic’.

Lazy – SFW

Jenny reflects on how people view her as a single mother.

Every Cloud Has Silver Lining – SFW

A mother takes her daughter to the forest she loved as a girl to find things are very different now.

You’ve Got A Friend in Me – SFW

Ruby was the first best friend I ever had.

Transgender Rooster (yes really) – SFW

There’s a newcomer to the hen-house.

Roadkill – SFW

What I imagine when I see dead pets on the side of the road.

Requiem – SFW

A year after the tsunami, life comes knocking on Akie’s door again.

Patchwork Doll – Original – SFW

The rocky journey to self-acceptance.

Blood Money

Poppy and Quinn used to be childhood best friends… until Poppy became Harbour Master and promptly found out the reason Quinn was no longer a fishmonger was because she was now a pirate.

[[more added as they’re written!]]

Disclaimer: All content on adooland.com is subject to copyright restrictions. The art is copyright of each respective listed artist, and A E Dooland holds the copyright over the fiction. Copying text in part or whole, selling it, distributing it, modified or not is not permitted except where A E Dooland has allowed it for promotional purposes. Basically, please respect I spent thousands of hours writing this stuff, don't fucking steal it <3

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