I’m Asy (aka author A E Dooland), I’m mid-30s from Melbourne, Australia and I’m 100% certified queer. By day I’m a financial counsellor specialising in gambling addiction, by night I’m a writer and a gamer. I’m married to a wonderful and very grumpy woman, and both of us are giant gaming nerds.

I’ve been writing stories since I was nine years old – I adore it. My writing is all over the place!For my fanfic, check out FF.net and AO3, or you can navigate through my free work and purchase my books here on WordPress.

Business inquiries and fanmail can be sent here:


I’ve recently joined the ranks of social media, so you can follow me on Facebook here,  follow me on Twitter here, and follow me on Instagram here.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. When are you writing your next book? If there is something else out there like what you’ve written I haven’t discovered it. In the interest of not being melodramatic, I’ll leave it there. When?

    • Hi AJ! I’ve been taking a break for a little while because of issues in my private life, but I’m currently exploring three different ideas I have for three different books at this stage. I’m not sure which I’ll choose! Stay tuned – I should start writing another web series quite soon! 🙂

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