#1 Under My Skin

Under My Skin


Min Lee is a workaholic who can’t say no. She substitutes sleep with Red Bull and, through a combination of repression and bad habits, has managed to score herself a luxury apartment, a fabulous boyfriend and the approval of her billionaire CEO. Things are looking pretty awesome… well, apart from those body image issues that constantly plague her.
But Min thinks she’s got everything worked out. She’s arranged her comfort zone and has zero desire to look outside of it… or, so she tells herself.
It’s not until a troubled schoolgirl tracks her down from the Internet, stalks her to her home and noses her way into life that Min begins to admit that something is wrong in her perfect world. Something that she’s never thought about before, and doesn’t even want to think about. Something that has the power to ruin all her relationships and dismantle everything in her life she’s worked so very hard for.
What if ‘she’ isn’t the right word for Min at all?

Under My Skin is a story exploring one person’s struggle with their gender, their sexuality and their battle to break from from expectation and live authentically.

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Here are some more options if you don’t do Kindle. Preview the first few chapters on these sites for free, too. If you have difficult personal circumstances that are going to prevent you from being able to afford a copy of the book, please shoot me an email. There may be other options available to you so you can continue/finish or have access to the story.

If you like the title art, you can find more from the artist Yue Li here.

***Commission Art #1 

***Commission Art  #2

***Commission Art  #3

***Commission Art #4 

***Commission Art #5

***Commission Art #6

***Beyond UMS: one shots and short stories that take place after the novel. 

If you like the commission art, you can find more from the artist Afterlaughs here, and artist Felitomkinson here.


22 thoughts on “#1 Under My Skin

  1. Forgive me, but why is chapter 20 protected? I’ve only just started reading UMS, so if this is normal and it’ll be changed to a normal status later, then I’m sorry. I’m just so excited! You left us with such a crazy cliffhanger.

    • A lot of people have made that comment. It’s a very handy trope – sullen, troubled large person and sweet, cute, small person 😉 I’ve read some of SnK. I didn’t really enjoy it, unfortunately.

      • I guess some people enjoy it more than others. But even though I’m still just 15, I can really understand what Min is going through. and I’m just really enjoying it so much. I love your work 😉

  2. Hi! First off, thank you for writing this story. It is amazing. I found it through tumblr last weekend and haven’t stopped reading it until this morning. I finished chapter 29 and went to read 30 and it was password protected. I looked back and suddenly 29 needed a password. So did every chapter previous all the way to 14. Is this a glitch? I am dying to finish the story!!!

  3. Hello! I’m from Germany so I don’t really understand what I have to do to unlock the chapters 14-33! Please forgive me my stupidity! I really interestet in this story since I’ve read ‘The Camera loves you’ and ‘The Dreaming’ so I really would like to read all chapters ^^ Excuse me for my bad english!

    • In two days time, the eBook is going to be released on Smashwords.com and Amazon.com. I will put a link up here. You can purchase the eBook to read the rest of the story!

      If your personal circumstances are going to prevent you from being able to afford the book, please email me at asynca-at-hotmail-dot-com to discuss other options 🙂

  4. This book made me realise that I couldn’t be closeted trans anymore, and prompted me to start transitioning. Min is an excellent character, this is an excellent book. It made my cry my eyes out, and I couldn’t stop reading it.

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